Friday, 23 January 2015

A couple session

I received a message last week from a model friend with whom I had lost contact with. Steffi had moved away from the area but was now back in my neighbourhood and made contact with me.

We talked a while and it was suggested that I take some updated photos for her portfolio. I was happy to do so and duly turned up at their house a day or so later. 

It was freezing cold and very overcast outside but thankfully here and her partners apartment was lovely and warm. After a meal we set to work.

Because it was quite dark with the room lighting, I decided to use my Lightsphere Chinese clone to soften the flash. I attached it to my Speedlite 430 EX II and fired away. I really enjoy using my Lightsphere clone. The effect it has on the flash output is quite dramatic and turns what would normally be harsh shadows into soft pleasing romantic light.      

My Lightsphere copy on the table and at work

After moving some tables and chairs to make some space, we began the shoot.

The images above were all taken with the 24 - 105 using flash and the lightsphere clone. The ISO was 400.

After the sitting room, we went to the bedroom to get some photos of Steffi and her partner Marc as a couple. I wanted a light airy "feel" to the images so I mounted my two Speedlites on tripods and bounced them off the ceiling. The flash output was set to overexpose by one stop. To add to the "light and airy" mood, we took the duvet covers off. To trigger them, I used Phottix Odin transmitter and receivers. The Phottix Odins are simply fantastic to use and haven't ever let me down. They are way cheaper than Pocket Wizards and are more versatile.

I told Steffi and Marc to ignore me and just interact with each other. Their two cats joining us from time to time, helped produce some very pleasing images.

 One of the few images without flash

All the images above were taken with the 50 1.4.

Marc was also kind enough to take some images of me "at work".

Although, as usual, I took too much gear with me, I ended up only using my EOS 5D MKII, the 24 - 105 zoom and the 50mm 1.4. Still. It's better to take too much gear and not need it than to take just a few items and find that you miss something. 

Steffi is a real professional and a pleasure to work with. Nothing is too much trouble for her. If you'd like to see her online portfolio, you can use this link (German)

That's it for now. Thanks for reading and please feel free to leave some comments below.

Sunday, 28 December 2014

Website design

This year I was the official photographer for the Country d'Yv music festival held in Yvonand, Switzerland.

Various images of me at work by Ron Williams

An offshoot of that job was that the organisers asked me to also completely revamp their website. I already had enough images so it was simply a matter of creating something visually appealing and making use of audio and video as well.

The new Bluebird music band website can be found here.

I'd love your feedback. Have a great 2015 and thanks as always for visiting.

Monday, 13 October 2014

Funnies. Lost in translation (Part 3 of three)

So here we are again as promised. part three of my humourous and at times nonsensical images that (sometimes ) bring a smile.

The last two started here.

Everyday life. Out and about with a camera.

 This office wants every user to use a password
"for  security" purposes, then sticks the password 
onto the PC itself! (I've masked the password here).

A shop selling PC's in Olten has the Windows
 serial number on its display models.

A advert on the train for a spray to 
clean your sex toys. it was, however,
 the "Safe your body" clanger that irked 

Cannabis ice tea from the vending machine

Every time I think of this I think that 
it's a polite way of saying P**S OFF

 This caught my attention on the autobahn 
(nope. I wasn't driving at the time)

 Fitness club outside of the town of Aarau

This is very strange. Either they installed the 
bench facing the wrong way or the trees grew
after the bench was installed. This is near the 
hospital in Olten.

Again, thanks for taking the time to read this. Normal service (i.e. photography related articles) will begin appearing as normal, shortly.

Monday, 29 September 2014

Funnies. Lost in translation (Part 2 of three)

So here it is. Amusing (to me anyway) images that I've recorded over the years. Some were taken with a "real" camera and some with the telephone built in to my mobile phone. To read part one, please check out this link.

This selection, as promised in the last article is entitled  "Lost in translation". I call it that because when I come across these situations, I first read them as an English speaking person and then "switch"  my brain over to the language in which they are meant to be understood.

So what I'm trying to say is that readers of this article who's mother language is English will probably get more of a laugh out of this than the others. I'd love to hear your comments.

So without further ado.

 When parking near Bellinzona, you'll find it easy to remember 
the name of the car park!

It simply means "Swiss shower" but nevertheless
would raise a giggle or two if seen travelling on a 
UK motorway.

Three from the television.

Three from the supermarket

Looters? Seriously?

I'm wondering if this tea produces explosive 

 Is this tea for salty sea dogs or pirates?

This is the strangest one. Is the product 
actually free from French dressing? Is 
it something that people with an allergic 
reaction to French dressing can safely 

That's it for now. The final part of this silly little collection will appear next Monday the 13th October 2014. You have been warned! Then it's back to normal photography related posts including my views on my new Canon 100 - 400 L zoom which I'll be testing in Sardinia.